Memeland Teases New 'Waitlist' Ahead of Captainz Mint

Memeland Teases New 'Waitlist' Ahead of Captainz Mint
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The Memeland team announced that it will be launching a new "Waitlist" soon as a new way to participate in its ecosystem, via a tweet this afternoon.

Those on the Waitlist will be eligible for future Memeland projects as long as they join the Captainz mint, even if they are unable to successfully mint. So joining the waitlist and attempting to mint will be enough to secure a spot for future drops.

The Waitlist will include 6,666 spots. The team opened up a community vote to decide the best way to give away those spots.

Memeland Potatoz holds a 1.49 ETH floor on Blur at the time of writing, which is down 0.6 percent on the day but 8.7 percent on the week.

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