Mercedes-Benz Unveils Next NFT Collection

Mercedes-Benz Unveils Next NFT Collection

Mercedes-Benz shared its next core digital collection, NXT Icons, a collection of digital collectibles that explore the brand's design heritage and bridge the gap between past and present.

The Deets

  • NXT Icons: Digital re-interpretations of iconic Mercedes-Benz designs, crafted by their design team
  • Seven Eras: A journey through seven distinct design periods, each containing approximately 2,700 collectibles
  • Mint Pass: Special passes for early supporters to claim upcoming collectibles in the NXT Icons series
  • Global Availability: Open to collectors in the EU, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, the U.K., the U.S., and Taiwan

The Bulk

Mercedes-Benz is venturing further into web3 with its NXT Icons collection. This collection isn't just about cars; but about capturing the essence of Mercedes-Benz's design heritage in the form of digital collectibles. Led by Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener, the team aims to bring digital flair to automotive nostalgia.

The NXT Icons collection will span seven eras, from the dawn of automotive history to the present. Each era will feature approximately 2,700 collectibles, adding up to a grand total of 18,860 NFTs across the entire series. 

Mercedes-Benz also gives a nod to its community with the introduction of Mint Passes. These are essentially "thank you" tokens for early supporters of its previous collections like “Maschine." The Mint Pass allows owners to claim upcoming collectibles in the NXT Icons series.

Collectors from an extensive list of countries, including the EU nations and the U.S., are eligible to claim these Mint Passes and the team is working to add more countries to the mix soon. 

ğŸŽ¤ Founder Feedback

With Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons, we embark on a journey through Mercedes-Benz's design heritage. These collectibles are digital re-interpretations of the most notable designs.Mercedes-Benz NXT

🔜 What's Next?

Keep an eye out for detailed information about the seven eras and the variety of collectibles within each era, set to be released over the coming months.

ğŸŽ¬ Take Action

Are you a Mercedes-Benz "Maschine" or Eternities NXT holder? You can claim your NXT Icons mint pass here.

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