MetaMask Launches Snaps, Wallet Now Modular

MetaMask Launches Snaps, Wallet Now Modular

MetaMask launches Snaps Open Beta, aiming to revolutionize wallet customization with a permissionless ecosystem.

The Deets

  • Snaps Open Beta: Allows users to add independent features to MetaMask.
  • Permissionless Ecosystem: Any developer can build a feature without MetaMask's approval.
  • Three Main Categories: Transaction Insights, Interoperability, Notifications.
  • Security: Snaps have been audited and are allowlisted in the MetaMask Snaps Directory.

The Bulk

MetaMask, the go-to Ethereum wallet for many crypto enthusiasts, is making major move towards permissionless functionality with the launch of its Snaps Open Beta. The introduction of Snaps Open Beta changes the game offers a platform where developers—regardless of their affiliation with MetaMask—can build features that enhance the wallet's functionality.

These new features, called "Snaps," allow users to customize their MetaMask experience, offering them an array of options including Transaction Insights, Interoperability, and Notifications. In other words, your MetaMask wallet just became a lot more modular.

While MetaMask has always been a pillar of the Ethereum ecosystem, the new Snaps Open Beta aims to broaden its horizons, embracing innovations from across the entire web3 ecosystem.

The Snaps for the open beta have been audited by third-party experts as well as the MetaMask team, ensuring top-notch security. They are also available in an allowlisted directory, adding an extra layer of trust and safety for users. Current Snaps include options for users to add Tezos and Solana functionality to their MetaMask wallets, enabling multi-chain exploration from one spot. 

📊 By the Numbers

MetaMask boasts over 10 million active users as of 2021. With the launch of Snaps Open Beta, these users now have the tools to customize their experience, potentially leading to higher user engagement and retention.

ğŸŽ¤ Founder Feedback

We're launching MetaMask Snaps Open Beta, the first step towards our journey to create a fully permissionless ecosystem with MetaMask.MetaMask

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Interested in customizing your MetaMask experience? View the MetaMask Snaps Directory here

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