MetaStreet Announces New XP Program

MetaStreet Announces New XP Program

MetaStreet, a permissionless lending protocol, announced its Ascend XP program which outlines earning potential, offering up to +300% bonuses for early participants and point earners. 

The Deets

  • Timeline: Three-month window until May to engage and earn XP.
  • XP Distribution: Major earnings through Reserve Actions (80%) and additional through Prestige Actions.
  • Bonus XP & Points Scarcity: Early actions lead to significant bonuses, ensuring value retention.

The Bulk

MetaStreet is making headlines with its latest innovation: the Ascend XP program. Designed to reward community engagement and liquidity provision, Ascend XP introduces a dynamic way to earn experience points (XP) that translate into tangible benefits for its participants.

At the heart of Ascend XP lies a strategic distribution model that emphasizes Reserve Actions, accounting for 80% of all XP earnings. These actions include depositing wstETH into MetaStreet Lending Towers and supplying liquidity to Liquid Credit Token (LCT) pools on Curve Finance. Such engagements not only fuel the ecosystem's liquidity but also empower participants by minting mwstETH, a move that's set to redefine token utility and participation incentives within the MetaStreet landscape.

Complementing Reserve Actions, Prestige Actions offer additional avenues to accrue XP. These include community-driven activities like sharing invite codes, completing social quests, and engaging with specific NFTs and events.

🎬 Take Action

Explore more about MetaStreet's Ascend XP program here.

🔜 What's Next? 

MetaStreet's Ascend XP program is slated to launch today, Feb. 7. 

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