Mongraal's No. 1

Mongraal's No. 1
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Professional gamer and streamer, Mongraal, finished atop the Dookey Dash leaderboards at the conclusion of the game yesterday

❗Why It Matters

Many had spoken of Dookey Dash's ability to bring in "real gamers" to web3 gaming and influence, and Mongraal is a great example of that narrative playing out. Though best known for playing Fortnite, Mongraal made an impression on the Dookey Dash leaderboards and is now ultimately in line to receive "The Key" awarded to the top scorer. 

🔜 What’s Next?

Yuga Labs is currently hard at work validating scores and exposing any scores that were achieved inappropriately.

Once the scores are final, metadata will be updated on the pass to indicate score and rank, and the Key winner will be announced on Feb. 10 (right now that would be Mongraal). 

The Deets

Want to catch a glimpse of Mongraal's winning run? He posted a video of the final three minutes last night. 

🔥 Hot Taek

What's the value of "The Key?" Lucky Trader's Tyler Warner and Ghost provided predictions on yesterday's Lucky Lead-In

Tyler: 1,000 ETH

Ghost: 100 ETH

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