More Instagram NFTs Sell Out Instantly

More Instagram NFTs Sell Out Instantly

Sara Baumann and Amber Vittoria's Instagram drops sold out today, according to tweets from both artists.

The series is stealth-dropping from individual artists' Instagram pages and most of the drops have instantly sold out. The first NFT in the series, which is on the Polygon Network, from photographer Driftershoots has a 2.7 ETH floor price.

Artists who haven't had their drop yet include: Coolman's Universe's Danny Casale, digital artist Diana Sinclair, Solana project Catalina Whale Mixer, Generascope artist Jason SeifeVinnie Hager, media artist Refik Anadol, Mexican contemporary artist Ilse Valfré, virtual artist Olive Allen, photographer Eric Rubens, and crypto artist Dave Krugman.

Sinclair told users to pay attention to her Instagram page earlier Wednesday.

To purchase the Instagram NFTs, follow these steps, provided by photographer Driftershoots:

  • In order to purchase Digital Collectibles on Instagram, you first need to connect your preferred Polygon-compatible digital wallet to Instagram. See the following video for instructions (if connecting a Ledger wallet please connect via desktop at
  • You can buy Digital Collectibles on Instagram using payment methods stored in your Apple App Store accounts. Digital Collectibles on Instagram can’t be purchased with digital currency/cryptocurrency. To add or update your Apple payment method, do so on your phone settings
  • To buy, tap the ‘ShopCollection’ button on the listing, select the Collectible, tap the ‘Buy Now’ button, then tap the ‘Pay Now’ button. To finalize, approve the in-app purchase. Once purchased, the collectible will be added to your connected digital wallet.
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