More Than $30M ApeCoin Staked Since Staking Launch

More Than $30M ApeCoin Staked Since Staking Launch
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Just one day since the opening of the ApeCoin staking contract more than $30 million in $APE has been staked, according to data from Etherscan

None of the seven million $APE tokens are yet accruing any rewards, as ApeCoin staking is currently in the "pre-deposit" phase. Those contributing $APE to any of the staking pools will not begin accruing $APE rewards until Monday, Dec. 12. 

The 7.3 million $APE tokens currently staked represent two percent of the total ApeCoin circulating supply according to CoinGecko data, which also points to a small gain (3.2%) for $APE to $4.17 over the last 24 hours.

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