Museum of Modern Art Explores Web3

Museum of Modern Art Explores Web3

MoMA will introduce "MoMA Postcard" tomorrow, a web3 experiment where users can collaboratively design digital postcards in a blockchain-based chain letter format.

The Deets

  • Collective Creativity: A digital postcard designed by multiple users, one stamp at a time.
  • Digital Chain Letter: Each postcard is passed from one user to another, collecting designs along the way.
  • Artist Collabs: Notable web3 artists Operator, Grant Yun, Dmitri Cherniak, Casey Reas, and others are participating.

The Bulk

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is venturing into the world of blockchain with its latest initiative, MoMA Postcard. Evocative of a digital chain letter, this platform allows for collaborative design, with each postcard being crafted stamp by stamp and person by person as it transitions between participants. 

Additionally, this initiative underscores MoMA's commitment to promoting learning and experimentation in web3 technologies, bridging the gap between traditional art and the digital frontier.

❗️Why It Matters

The integration of blockchain technology by esteemed institutions like MoMA signifies a broader acceptance and acknowledgment of the potential of web3 in reshaping the art landscape.

ğŸŽ¤ Founder Feedback

The MoMA Postcard Project is an experiment in collective creativity on blockchain, inviting anyone to learn, experiment, collaborate, and create value together with the emerging technology of web3.MoMA

ğŸŽ¬ Take Action

Dive into the MoMA Postcard experience and sign up for early access

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