Music NFTs for All

Music NFTs for All

Sound, a web3 music platform, is preparing to open its doors to all artists in the next three months.

The Deets

As it prepares for a full launch, Sound is preparing the following:

  • Smooth onboarding process for all artists
  • Building features for mass audience
  • Battle testing the platform
  • Verifying audio ownership

The Details

Sound has been developing a seamless onboarding process for all artists, learning from the pain points of their initial 420 artists who were personally onboarded. The platform aims to cater to millions of music fans and tens of thousands of artists, necessitating features that work at scale. These features include simplified user experience, a discovery layer, and sustainable drop methods.

To ensure the platform's readiness, Sound has been battle testing every part of it with a curated group of artists, iterating based on their feedback. The company has also focused on verifying audio ownership, developing tools like audio footprint technology to counter potential issues with unauthorized music uploads.

 ❗️Why It Matters

Despite its memetic prowess, Music NFTs are no joke, and platforms like Sound continue to push towards a path that gives music creators more options and control over their music and connectivity to fans. Sound's platform expansion will make it easier for any artist to take advantage of web3 music infrastructure and start building on incentives that better align with their personal goals and interests.

🎬 Take Action

Stay tuned for Sound's official announcement and more details on how to onboard as an artist.


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