NBA Top Shot Adds New 'Join With Friends' Feature

NBA Top Shot Adds New 'Join With Friends' Feature

NBA Top Shot announced that collectors can now join drops together via its newest "Join With Friends" feature.

The new feature was announced via Discord and is expected to work during today's WNBA pack drop.

"Top Shot is better with friends, and that's why we want you and your crew to join in on the fun with our new Join With Friends feature," the announcement says. "What is it? I got you."

Collectors can now build a team of up to five total people and join drops together in a couple easy steps.

First, gather your friends. Then, use a special link to invite your friends to the drop. Join the waiting room as you normally would but with your new team.

If three of your five team members are able to snag a pack, there are small rewards for the group.

In this upcoming WNBA drop, the reward is guaranteed access to the next WNBA base set drop.

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