New Animoca Brands Game Hits Flow Blockchain This Week

New Animoca Brands Game Hits Flow Blockchain This Week

Formula E: High Voltage, developed by Animoca Brands and Amber, will be the first official web3 Formula E video game when it launches on the Flow blockchain later this week. 

The Deets

  • Developed by Animoca Brands and Amber, powered by the Flow blockchain.
  • All new users receive four NFTs: two cars and two drivers.
  • Crate NFT sale goes live on Oct. 19, 17,500 available ranging from $20-149. 
  • Players strategize based on weather, day/night races, and select cars and drivers.

The Bulk

The excitement of Formula E racing is set to hit the virtual world with "Formula E: High Voltage," a new web3 game from Animoca Brands and Amber. This game utilizes the Flow blockchain, granting players digital ownership over all their in-game items as NFTs. Players are not just racing; they are managing, strategizing, and making critical decisions about cars, drivers, and special abilities to maximize their racing performance.

A significant draw is the fact that the game features iconic tracks from global cities including Rome, Berlin, New York, and London. Players are not just passively racing, they're managing their races in real-time, adjusting strategies based on changing weather conditions and day-night cycles.

Additionally, every car and driver in the game is an NFT with varying rarities. This includes special skills that can be drawn from a pool of over 100 skills. The strategy goes beyond the track; players must collect, train, and upgrade their drivers and cars both pre and post-race.

With game launch on Oct. 19, participants with a Blocto wallet and the REVV token can mint one of 17,500 available crate NFTs. The crates come in two types, and will be priced ranging from $20-149. 

🎤 Founder Feedback 

The upcoming launch of Formula E: High Voltage in partnership with Formula E marks an exhilarating moment for us. Fans and players alike will not only immerse themselves in the excitement of the race, but also enjoy the advantages of true digital ownership brought by NFT and blockchain technologies.Will Griffiths, VP of Commercial Strategy, Animoca Brands

🔜 What's Next?

The game is officially set to launch on Oct. 19. 17,500 NFTs will be available ranging in price from $20-149.  

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