New Business Simulator Launches on Gala Games

New Business Simulator Launches on Gala Games

Legacy, developed by 22Cans and backed by Gala Games, debuted yesterday as a business simulation game, allowing players to build and manage both a business and its supporting town.

The Deets

  • A Fusion of Business and City Management: Players create, expand, and sustain a corporation and its encompassing town.
  • Driven by Creativity: Users can tailor-make products using thousands of unique parts, maximizing profit potential.
  • Deep Strategy Involved: Balancing workforce satisfaction, product specialization, and moral decisions influences game outcomes.
  • Real-World Economics: Utilizes blockchain technology, introducing elements like player ownership, play-to-earn, and NFTs.

The Bulk

Developed by 22Cans studio and backed by Gala Games, Legacy is a unique concoction of business sim and city management. 

Players start by building a factory, designing products, and launching them into the market. The end game? To become a management tycoon. Yet, the journey involves myriad decisions. From crafting the products to setting up factories, from designing the town layout to managing every worker's needs - every choice is paramount. The game introduces additional layers of strategy with competitive events, pushing players to prove their managerial mettle, product quality, and city design.

Entrepreneurs within the game jostle to acquire resources, make the hottest products, and maintain a happy and productive workforce. The game narrative embeds decisions related to social and environmental impact, worker treatment, and more, requiring players to strike a delicate balance.

📊 By the Numbers

Legacy saw an overwhelming response in December 2021, with fans pouring more than $42 million into the purchase of land NFTs, earmarking their spots in this expansive industrial playground.

ğŸŽ¤ Founder Feedback

Legacy is where players' imagination meets no bounds. By infusing simulation gaming with blockchain, we've introduced a tangible economic system within the game's universe.Iain Wright, Design Director at 22Cans

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