New England Patriots Enter Web3 With Chain, 'Patriots.eth' ENS Purchase

New England Patriots Enter Web3 With Chain, 'Patriots.eth' ENS Purchase

The New England Patriots announced its partnership with Chain, a web3 blockchain infrastructure, and purchased its own Ethereum Name Service (ENS), "Patriots.eth."

This is a multi-year partnership between Chain and Kraft Sports and Entertainment, which owns the football team, Gillette Stadium (the Patriots' home field), New England Revolution (professional soccer), and Patriot Place.

"We are proud to partner with Kraft Sports and Entertainment to envision the future of web3 for Gillette Stadium, the New England Patriots and New England Revolution,” said the CEO of Chain, Deepak Thapliyal. “Our team is excited to help Kraft Sports and Entertainment build cutting edge experiences for stadium visitors utilizing Chain’s proprietary blockchain technology.”

Chain is designed for developers and makes building scalable applications simple and effective.

“The Patriots and Revolution, along with our tech partners, have always strived to be leaders in innovation," said Kraft Sports and Entertainment's VP of Sales Murray Kohl. "From being the first pro sports team with a website and creating the first nightly Internet show, to having the longest continuously running podcast in the world, we’ve embraced the opportunities that advances in technology have presented for us and our fans."

"Together with Chain, we’ll look to innovate that same way with web3," he continued. "Our fans will be able to connect with the Patriots and Revolution in ways never before possible.”

Additionally, the New England Patriots bought "Patriots.eth," an ENS domain name, for 75 ETH, or nearly $1 million at the time of purchase.

The Patriots will look to quickly implement web3 technology into its tech-focused Gillette stadium to create a unique and best-in-class fan experience for its supporters.

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