NFT Collectors Show Immediate Interest in Bowie by FEWOCiOUS Auction

NFT Collectors Show Immediate Interest in Bowie by FEWOCiOUS Auction

Top NFT collectors, including Sam Spratt and Vexx, showed an immediate interest in FEWOCiOUS's newest auction artwork, which features a 7-foot tall statue of David Bowie wearing the famous singer's real-life suit.

"OMG, it's live," FEWOCiOUS, a 19-year-old artist and NFT trailblazer by the name of Victor, tweeted. "This sculpture and NFT mean so much to me. I'm so happy to have it out in the world."

The winning bid receives both the real-life sculpture and the video NFT. The top bid is currently 16.17 ETH, and there are three days remaining on the auction.

"16 ETH bid already by Sam Spratt," FEWOCiOUS tweeted. "What's happening? I love you, brother."

This is part of a new David Bowie collection, Bowie on the Blockchain, which features 15 new, unique artworks related to the life and art of David Bowie created by various different artists. The artists include FEWOCiOUS, Glam Beckett, JAKE, Jonathan Wolfe, LIRONA, Osinachi, Pussy Riot, Defaced, and YOUNG & SICK.

The second-highest priced NFT in the collection is a 3 ETH bid on It Became A Myth Land by Defaced.

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