NFT Market Check | Mixed Results for CC0 NFT Projects

NFT Market Check | Mixed Results for CC0 NFT Projects
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Holder rights and licensing were a major discussion point in the NFT ecosystem this week, sparked in part by the decision of Kevin Rose and the PROOF team to change the licensing of Moonbirds and Moonbirds Oddities to CC0

The move came just days after the famed crypto artist, XCOPY, designated all of their non-collaborative works as CC0 as well. 

Both announcements provided plenty of debate fodder for NFT Twitter, but what did the market say? 

Below are the floor price movements for notable CC0 price collections over the last week, including the latest additions:

  • Moonbirds (-7%, 17.40 ETH floor)
  • (-19%, 1.85 ETH floor) 
  • Moonbirds Oddities (-21%, 0.93 ETH floor)
  • CryptoDickButts (+6%, 2.22 ETH floor) 
  • (-33%, 0.91 ETH floor)
  • CrypToadz (-2.97%, (1.93 ETH floor) 
  • mfers (-17%, 1.10 ETH floor) 

Only CryptoDickButts - a memetic favorite of Crypto Twitter - posted a positive gain in the last week, with most other collections down alongside the rest of the market. 

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