NFT Tab Coming to MetaMask Extension

NFT Tab Coming to MetaMask Extension

MetaMask's browser extension version 10.28 will support an NFT tab, making it easier to view the tokens and transfer NFTs. 

The Deets

  • Browser extension version 10.28 of MetaMask
  • Update allows for send of ERC-721 NFTs
  • All ERC-721 and ERC-1155s should appear if NFT auto-detection is turned on
  • ERC-1155s can be sent soon

Why It Matters

Although it's the most popular web3 wallet, MetaMask's browser extension has been without a good NFT user experience for quite some time. The latest update will make MetaMask's browser extension more competitive with newer wallets and mobile competitors like Rainbow. But perhaps most importantly, the ability to easily transfer NFTs direct from the MetaMask browser is a huge win for NFT holders and traders. Until this time, users had to rely on OpenSea or interacting with a smart contract to transfer their NFTs, introducing unncessary risks. Now, users will be able to send an NFT to a ledger or a friend right within the MetaMask wallet. 

🔜 What’s Next?

No timetable was provided, but soon users will be able to send ERC-1155 NFTs within the MetaMask extension wallet as well. 

🎬 Take Action

Users without auto-updates may need to update their extension in order to access the latest version. 


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