NFTfi Launches Rewards Season 2

NFTfi Launches Rewards Season 2

NFTfi launched Season 2 of its Rewards Program, introducing a new Loan Streak Multiplier feature and a fresh leaderboard.

The Deets

  • Two Leaderboards: Season 1 and Season 2 have separate leaderboards based on loan initiation time.
  • Loan Streak Multiplier: A new feature rewarding users with unbroken loan streaks.
  • Non-Dilutive Rewards: Season 2 rewards won't affect Season 1 or OG Point holders.
  • Decentralization Journey: Season 2 marks the beginning of NFTfi's decentralization initiative.

The Bulk

NFTfi's Reward Season 2, starting today, marks the next phase for the NFT financialization platform. With two distinct leaderboards, the platform acknowledges loans initiated before and after 7:00 a.m. ET today, crediting them to their respective seasons. This separation ensures that Season 1's rewards remain unaffected by the new season's activities.

A notable addition to Season 2 is the Loan Streak Multiplier, which favors users maintaining an unbroken loan streak. This retroactive feature applies to the Season 1 leaderboard, promising an increase in end-of-season points. 

Moreover, Season 2 aims to bolster loyalty by rewarding users with increasing multipliers as they build their loan streaks. These streaks require a minimum duration to qualify, ensuring a fair and balanced reward system.

❗Why It Matters 

Perhaps the most important note from this announcement is the anticipation of the "decentralization journey," which likely signals a token airdrop or claim - despite not being explicitly stated by the team. 

🎤 Platform Prose

Our vision is centered on establishing a decentralized protocol, with ownership and direction vested in stakeholders that have contributed the most. At the end of Season 2, we will embark on that journey, and we can’t wait for this new chapter with all of you.NFTfi

🔜 What's Next?

As Season 2 concludes on March 26, 2024, NFTfi's focus will shift towards decentralization, promising a new era of stakeholder-driven governance and engagement in the NFT lending space.

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