Nftperp Launches v2 Alpha

Nftperp Launches v2 Alpha

Nftperp, an NFT perpetual protocol, announced the launch of its v2 Alpha for whitelisted users. 

The Deets

  • Fusion AMM: A unique blend of decentralized orderbook and AMM for superior trading efficiency.
  • Precision Oracle: An in-house system delivering accurate NFT valuations.
  • Robust Security: Enhanced insurance fund for unmatched trust and safety.
  • Alpha Incentives: A program rewarding community engagement and participation.

The Bulk

Following the success of more than $500 million in trading volume and 2,500 traders in v1, nftperp v2 Alpha is launching.

This version maintains the platform's commitment to scalability, security, and user-centric features but also introduces innovative elements like the Fusion AMM—integrating the best of decentralized limit order books with automated market makers for optimal trading experiences.

The in-house oracle system ensures precise NFT valuations, while a bolstered insurance fund aims to foster security and trust among users.

Moreover, v2 Alpha will host an Alpha Incentives Program to enhance community engagement.

📊 By the Numbers

In its first version, nftperp boasted more than $500 million in trading volume.

🎬 Take Action

Whitelisted users can dive into the future of NFT trading now by visiting If you're not yet whitelisted, use code LUCKYTRADER to gain access! 

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