NHL Breakaway Skates From Beta

NHL Breakaway Skates From Beta

NHL Breakaway, the official digital collectibles community of NHL, NHLPA, and NHLAA, launched today, offering fans unique interactive and gamified experiences.

The Deets

  • Trade Lounge: A community space for trading packs and highlights.
  • Public Profiles: Display collectibles and express hockey passion.
  • Gamification: Complete challenges to earn rewards, including real-life NHL experiences.

The Bulk

The collaboration between NHL, NHLPA, NHLAA, and Sweet has culminated in the launch of NHL Breakaway, a platform designed for hockey fans to engage with the sport like never before. This immersive experience allows fans to collect, trade, and showcase digital highlights of iconic NHL moments. Key features include The Trade Lounge, a vibrant community hub for trading and interaction, and Public Profiles, enabling fans to express their passion and fandom.

The platform’s gamification element introduces unique challenges, such as completing specific sets and collections, rewarding fans with exclusive packs and real-life NHL experiences. These features, combined with the platform's compelling graphics and exclusive multi-angle highlights, offer an inside look into the world of NHL, creating a must-see experience for fans and collectors alike.

ğŸŽ¤ Founder Feedback

NHL Breakaway is an unparalleled digital experience. The compelling graphics and highlights exclusively packaged with multiple camera angles and natural sounds of the game bring collectors inside NHL arenas.David Lehanski, NHL Executive Vice President, Business Development & Innovation

ğŸŽ¬ Take Action

For hockey fans eager to dive into this new era of collectibles, visit nhlbreakaway.com to start your journey through the NHL's most iconic moments.

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