Nickelodeon's NFT Marketplace Reaches $1.4 Million in Volume

Nickelodeon's NFT Marketplace Reaches $1.4 Million in Volume

Nickelodeon's NFT marketplace has seen more than $1.4 million in total volume since it launched a few days ago. 

The marketplace currently only sells Nickelodeon NFT's first-ever drop, "Nickelodeon: Rugrats & Hey Arnold!," which has also done more than 1,400 ETH ($2.1 million) in total volume via OpenSea, the industry's top NFT marketplace.

The collection sold out its presale in less than 10 minutes and its public sale in a similar amount of time. The sale price was $50, and the floor price of the collection is now up to $225.

Nickelodeon's NFT marketplace currently filters by NFT type, character name, origin, series, slime score, costume, background, background accent, right arm, left arm, prop, eyes, mouth, outfit, expression, face prop, head prop, and VFX, all features associated with the Rugrats and Hey Arnold! pfps (profile pictures). 

Each NFT has a slime score, which ranks it by rarity compared to the rest of the NFTs in the collection. Holders can also earn slime by swapping in Nickelodeon NFTs. This is expected to begin on Jul. 26. 

Slime gets holders closer to earning unique, rarer Mashup NFTs, which combine features of Rugrats and Hey Arnold! characters to create new characters.

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