Nickelodeon Teases NFTs Coming Summer 2022?

Nickelodeon Teases NFTs Coming Summer 2022?

Nickelodeon seems to be entering the NFT scene after a new @nickelodeon_nft account posted a video on Twitter that hints at web3 acceptance.

"The 90s called," the tweet reads. "They want your attention back. If you're reading this, you're early."

The tweet ends with #NickelodeonNFT.

The accompanying video features an old-school television set that reads "the following program is rated web3."

The rating is due to "some moderate to severe nostalgia." And mentions, "It's probably nothing."

The video ends: "Stayed Tooned, Summer 2022."

The video can be seen here.

It appears Nickelodeon possible upcoming entry into the NFT space will be powered by Recur, a platform aimed at creating chain-agnostic NFT experiences. It claims to be a portol to the metaverse.

Nickelodeon has not yet confirmed that the new Twitter account is official, but the official Nickelodeon Twitter account does follow the new account.


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