Nifty Gateway Announces Collector Appreciation Month

Nifty Gateway Announces Collector Appreciation Month

Nifty Gateway is launching Collector Appreciation Month, rewarding collectors with purchase-based incentives during June.

The Deets

  • Collector Appreciation Month: Rewards for all Nifty Gateway in June 2023
  • Six levels of rewards: Based on the collector's lifetime spend on Nifty Gateway
  • Eligible purchases: All Nifty Gateway minted NFTs in both Primary and Secondary marketplaces
  • Rewards credited in USD to Nifty Gateway balance

The Bulk

Nifty Gateway is setting June aside to celebrate and reward its community of collectors.

The reward system is structured into six levels, determined by each collector's lifetime spend on Nifty Gateway. The more a collector has invested in the platform over time, the greater the rewards they can reap during the appreciation month. These rewards apply to all NFTs minted on Nifty Gateway, encompassing Primary and Secondary marketplaces.

The rewards, credited in USD, will be added to collectors' Nifty Gateway balances after each qualifying transaction is complete. This provides an immediate and tangible return for collectors.

❗Why It Matters

Nifty Gateway's Collector Appreciation Month rewards current users and may attract new ones. The event showcases the company's appreciation for its community.

🧐Wait, What?

In simple terms, Nifty Gateway's Collector Appreciation Month is a loyalty program where the more you've spent over time, the more rewards you can earn during June. It's a win-win scenario where collectors can be rewarded for their NFT investments.

🔜What's Next?

Interested collectors have until May 31, 2023, to boost their spending level and increase their potential rewards for the upcoming Collector Appreciation Month. 

🎬 Take Action 

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