Nike, Fortnite Collaborate on Airphoria

Nike, Fortnite Collaborate on Airphoria

Airphoria, a unique Fortnite experience themed around Nike's iconic Air Max sneakers, is now open for gamers and fashion enthusiasts alike.

The Deets

  • Cross-platform Synergy: Gamers can link their Epic Games and Nike accounts to unlock special achievements on the .SWOOSH platform.
  • Exclusive Access: Account linking provides early access to the upcoming .SWOOSH Air Max Virtual Collection.
  • Eligibility: Offer open to U.S. residents aged 13 or older.

The Bulk

Airphoria, brings the renowned Air Max sneakers into the Fortnite universe, creating an immersive experience for fans of both worlds. By linking their Epic Games and Nike accounts, players can claim their Account Linking Achievement on the .SWOOSH platform.

The .SWOOSH Virtual Collection is an exclusive line of digital creations including footwear and apparel, perfect for expressing oneself in various digital platforms like websites, video games, and social networks. These creations draw inspiration from Nike's most popular products and are aimed at the next generation of collectors and creators.

🎤 Community Quotes

Nice job Nike. Playing the long game here. Force feeding NFTs to the mainstream doesn't work. Need to flirt w them. Give people a taste of what digital customization looks like. Like the approach. Keep it up.GQ NFT

❗Why It Matters

Nike's .SWOOSH initiative has so far largely driven web3 participants deeper into web3...but the initiative with Fortnite offers the ability to onboard an entire group of users that haven't quite made the leap. What's most notable is the subtlety of the "virtual collectibles" which carefully circumvents the negative public perception that NFTs hold. 

🎬 Take Action

Interested gamers and fashion enthusiasts can link their accounts and claim their achievements by August 8, 2023. 


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