Non-Fungible DAO Announces $NFT

Non-Fungible DAO Announces $NFT

Non-Fungible DAO, which aims to steward the best open-source contracting for NFTs, will commerce through community-driven governance and an upcoming $NFT token

The Deets

  • Open-Source Leadership: Controls key technologies for NFTs on major chains.
  • Community Power: Token holders govern development and ecosystem funds.
  • Wide Adoption Aim: Focused on global NFT adoption and web3 values.
  • Token Coming: $NFT token deployment and community rewards on the horizon.
  • Early Collab: Magic Eden has committed its contracts and tooling to the Non-Fungile DAO

The Bulk

Non-Fungible DAO emerged today, a community-owned decentralized organization, set to reshape the NFT landscape. With its roots in the ethos of web3, the DAO is committed to fostering the adoption and development of open-source protocols crucial for NFT commerce.

It starts with a commitment from Magic Eden, which will open-source its contracts and commit them to Non-Fungible DAO, across diverse blockchains including Solana, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polygon. 

The DAO's governance model empowers $NFT token holders with voting rights, allowing them to steer protocol development and the utilization of ecosystem funds. This decentralized approach ensures that the future trajectory of Non-Fungible DAO aligns with the community's vision and needs.

A significant portion of the $NFT token supply is allocated to the community and those utilizing the protocols owned by the DAO, or in this case, those committed by Magic Eden. Members can earn these tokens by actively using the protocols owned by the DAO. 

The token is not yet launched, but is expected soon. 

🎤 Protocol Prose 

Non-Fungible DAO will be a community-owned, decentralized organization on a mission to develop and drive adoption of the protocols that will power the future of NFT commerce.Non-Fungible DAO

🔜 What's Next?

The eployment of the $NFT token and the details of community rewards and governance are still under wraps. The DAO encourages enthusiasts to stay updated via their official Twitter handle @Non_FungibleDAO for the latest developments.

🎬 Take Action

Users are likely incentivized to trade on Magic Eden in the nearterm given the expectation that doing so will lead to an allocation of $NFT.  

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