OpenSea Announces Plans To Support More Blockchains

OpenSea Announces Plans To Support More Blockchains

OpenSea, a popular NFT marketplace aggregator, hinted at adding the support of more chains onto its platform in a Twitter thread from earlier this evening.

While the team led off by saying it is currently happy with the chains that OpenSea supports, it followed that statement with "it’s important that people have even more choice when navigating the NFT ecosystem – in the US and around the world." 

The team touched on it even further when saying "we’ll start building this future by making OpenSea a place where more people can use the chains they prefer. Over the coming weeks, we’ll share more specific steps we’re taking to make this happen."

The platform said it will touch further on supporting more blockchains in the coming weeks. 

OpenSea currently supports the Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and Klaytn blockchains.

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