OpenSea Launches Copymint Detection Tool

OpenSea Launches Copymint Detection Tool

OpenSea has launched a copy mint detection tool, capable of immediately flagging exact replicas or flipped and fuzzy NFTs in seconds after launch, according to a tweet from the NFT platform

The tool is part of OpenSea's larger initiative to reduce copymints while improving authenticity and protecting the users of its NFT marketplace. 

Though consumers are perhaps wise to the move now, copymints played a large role in scamming users out of ETH during the 2021 bull run. Shortly after a new project was minted, a replica project would be created on OpenSea and unsuspecting users in a rush to purchase the NFT would sometimes fall victim to purchasing from the wrong collection that had a similar name, or similar likeness. 

OpenSea hopes to have put an end to that issue. 

Users hoping to get a glimpse of the copymint detection tool in action can refer to the video provided in the platform's announcement. In it, an OpenSea engineer walks through multiple attempts to mint an exact replica of a Cool Cat NFT. In each case, the detection tool quickly determines the copymint and makes the replica NFT unavailable on the platform. 


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