OpenSea Makes Statement Regarding The Merge

OpenSea Makes Statement Regarding The Merge

OpenSea became the first NFT marketplace to announce its plans for NFTs following The Merge as the team made an official statement in a recent tweet thread earlier this evening.

OpenSea leads off by saying that it is fully "committed to solely supporting NFTs on the upgraded PoS chain."

Following that opening statement, the team addressed the elephant in the room, forked NFTs on Ethereum Proof of Work. In regards to the PoW NFTs, OpenSea said it currently has no plans to support PoW NFTs on its platform.

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The statement comes to an end with OpenSea saying that it does not anticipate there being any major issues with this transition but it did acknowledge that this is uncharted waters for marketplace aggregators such as itself and that it is "committed to monitoring, managing, and communicating throughout" the entire process.

As previously mentioned, OpenSea is the first marketplace aggregator to shed light on its official plans for The Merge, at the time of writing other notable marketplaces such as LooksRare, X2Y2, and Coinbase NFT have not yet released an official statement in regards to its plans for The Merge.

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