Update! OpenSea Pro Accepting $PEPE Payments

Update! OpenSea Pro Accepting $PEPE Payments

OpenSea Pro is accepting $PEPE as payment for NFTs on its platform after previously teasing the use of popular memecoin. 

🧐 Wait, What? 

$PEPE has dominated web3's attention over the last few weeks, blossoming to a $1.8 billion marketcap at its all-time high. While the coin has retraced considerably, it still maintains high on-chain trading volumes and earned a listing on Binance late last week. Manifold was quick to make $PEPE an option for purchase on its platform, allowing artists to make their works mintable in $PEPE. 

🎀 Platform Prose 

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❗️Why It Matters

While it's unlikely that many users will rush to spend their $PEPE on NFTs, it can't hurt OpenSea to make the memecoin a payment option. In the face of dwindling volumes across the market, perhaps leaning into the memes will provide a small jolt of attention and liquidity. Maybe some users with newly found $PEPE wealth want to lock up a grail NFT or two? 

🎬 Take Action 

Have some $PEPE you're looking to spend? You can now use it to buy NFTs on OpenSea Pro. 

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