OpenSea Volume Rises and ETH Hits $1,500

OpenSea Volume Rises and ETH Hits $1,500

The price of ETH hit above $1,500 on Monday for the first time in a month, as traders enjoyed another day of rising ETH prices. 

ETH is up almost 10 percent in the past 24 hours to $1,478 and 41 percent in the past five days. The increases had Crypto Twitter almost giddy Monday despite the price being 50 percent down from April levels and 68 percent down from the November all-time highs.


Other coins are up as well, including BTC ($21,884, up 4.4 percent), Solana ($40.69, up 5.86 percent) and MATIC, which is up 23.7 percent at 92 cents. 

While ETH booms are anecdotally accompanied by lower NFT volume, there has been rising OpenSea volume in the past four days. The NFT marketplace has seen $14.6 million, $16.4 million, $17.5 million, and $20.6 million daily since July 14.

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