OpenSea Unveils New 'Deals' Feature

OpenSea Unveils New 'Deals' Feature

OpenSea launched "Deals," a new feature that allows users to negotiate NFT trades directly on its platform.

The Deets

  • Deals: an option to trade NFTs with other users
  • OpenSea users can now offer a combination of their NFTs in exchange for others'
  • An additional option to enhance the offer with Wrapped Ether (WETH)
  • Trading process powered by Seaport, ensuring gas-efficient and secure transactions
  • The new feature aims to avoid untrustworthy messages and websites, all deals can be offered, viewed, and accepted on OpenSea

The Bulk

In a bid to revolutionize the way NFT trading is done, OpenSea announced the launch of a new feature called "Deals." The feature promises to offer a more streamlined and secure way for users to negotiate trades with their NFTs directly on the platform.

The feature is designed to allow users to offer a combination of their NFTs for a combination of another user's NFTs, giving them more flexibility and variety in their trade options. If they wish, users can also sweeten their deals with wETH. 

The "Deals" feature is powered by Seaport, OpenSea's trading protocol known for its efficiency and security.

With this, OpenSea aims to avoid the issues of unreliable messages and sketchy websites, offering a more transparent and trusted platform for NFT trading. Now, users can offer, view, and accept deals directly on OpenSea, making trading more straightforward and trustworthy.

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A very useful feature tbhTytan.eth

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Looking to leverage this new feature? Navigate to OpenSea and start exploring "Deals" to find the perfect trade. 

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