Overworld Outlines Points Program Ahead of Token

Overworld Outlines Points Program Ahead of Token

Starting tomorrow, Overworld Incarna holders can participate in a points program for the upcoming Overworld gaming token launch in Q1 2024. 

The Deets

  • Snapshot Strategy: Random weekly Holder Snapshots begin on December 20, with no notice after the first.
  • Squad System: Form Squads by unlisting multiple Incarna in one wallet to earn points multipliers.
  • Reward Mechanism: Points earn airdrops of $MNCT tokens at Overworld's token listing.
  • Points Reset: Points reset to zero upon sale of any Incarna.

The Bulk

Overworld is joining the points meta ahead of its token launch in Q1 2024. By unlisting Incarna NFTs, holders can accumulate points through random weekly snapshots, starting with the first announced snapshot on December 20 at 12:30am UTC. The catch? Future snapshots are unannounced, adding an element of surprise and strategy.

Holders can form Squads by unlisting multiple Incarna in the same wallet, which grants them a multiplier on points earned per snapshot. The larger the Squad, the higher the multiplier, with a maximum of three Incarna per Squad. It's important to note, however, that selling any Incarna resets the holder's points to zero.

When the Overworld token is listed, Incarna holders will receive an airdrop of $MNCT tokens proportional to their accumulated points. This system rewards long-term holders and strategic players, offering an edge in securing key NFTs within the Overworld ecosystem.

🔜 What's Next?

A Discord bot for tracking points will be launched soon, followed by integration on the Overworld website, offering holders a transparent view of their standings in this exciting game.

🎬 Take Action

To participate, delist your Incarna before December 20, form Squads for higher rewards, and stay tuned for the token listing to reap rewards. 

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