Overworld Responds to Mint Criticisms

Overworld Responds to Mint Criticisms

Overworld Co-founder Jeremy Horn acknowledged community concerns regarding the Overworld Incarna mint process and unveiled a comprehensive plan to address them, ensuring satisfaction and trust in the brand. 

The Deets

  • Manacite Rewards: Compensation for those affected by failed transactions during the whitelist phase with a Manacite Chest NFT.
  • Benefit for Whitelist Participants: A significant bonus & NFT for upcoming events for all whitelist members.
  • Manacite Bonus Claim: Additional rewards for early buyers and minters based on holding times.
  • Treasury Management of Incarna: Special attention to supporters who were unable to mint successfully.

The Bulk

Overworld, a highly-anticipated web3 game, faced significant challenges during its recent minting process, including overallocation and botting attacks. This resulted in a portion of the community feeling left out and dissatisfied. In response, the founder has taken full responsibility and announced a series of initiatives to rectify the situation.

The most prominent of these is the Manacite Rewards program, offering a Manacite Chest NFT to those who encountered failed transactions during the whitelist phase. Details about the exact amounts will be shared closer to the listing date.

In addition, all individuals on the whitelist will receive a "significant bonus" and an exclusive NFT for an upcoming event, with more details to be announced soon. The Manacite Bonus Claim initiative aims to reward early buyers and minters with additional bonuses based on how long they hold their NFTs until the official listing.

Moreover, Overworld plans to manage the Incarna from its treasury to express gratitude to supporters who were unable to mint successfully, ensuring they feel part of the community.

🎤 Founder Feedback

As the founder, I take full responsibility for the shortcomings. I recognize the frustration caused, and I am committed to making amends. If you were unable to mint and/or experienced a loss of gas in trying to mint, Overworld is committed to delivering additional value in our journey.Jeremy Horn, Overworld Co-Founder

📊 By the Numbers

Despite the 

🎬 Take Action

Keep an eye on official announcements for details on the bonus for whitelist participants and the Manacite Bonus Claim.

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