Pacman Addresses Blast Migration Woes

Pacman Addresses Blast Migration Woes

Blast mainnet migration issues are being addressed and a comprehensive fix plan is underway, including adjustments to points, bonuses, and UI clarity.

The Deets

  • Points System Overhaul: Immediate and mid-week fixes for referral points and 0 points per hour issues.
  • UI/Design Enhancements: Design updates to correct the 10x bonus visibility and misleading bonus warnings.
  • Clarity on Points and Gold: Efforts to improve UI for better understanding of the points and gold system.

The Bulk

The transition to Blast mainnet introduced several challenges for users, including discrepancies in point balances, earning rates, and unclear system mechanics.

The focal point of concern has been the migration of points after moving to the mainnet, with users experiencing less than expected points due to referral discrepancies and UI bugs affecting the display of earned points and bonuses. Furthermore, a confusion surrounding the points plus gold system has been amplified by these UI issues, leading to a push for enhanced clarity.

The plan includes immediate fixes for referral points and assurances for users worried about bonus earnings due to mainnet migration. Mid to late-week updates are expected to resolve earning discrepancies and provide a clearer display of dapp-contributed points.

Additionally, the introduction of wallet delegation for multiplier earnings and a revamped color scheme for Blastscan, in collaboration with the Etherscan team, are in progress.

❗Why It Matters

 High fees and other migration woes outlined above have hindered the excitement that web3 had for Blast's launch. Rectifying points balances and assuring users that there remains strong incentive to participate is critical, though high fees still plague potential migration activities. 

🎤 Founder Feedback

in terms of how we got here, we put A LOT of energy into the on-chain/l2 side of things, since that’s where the stakes were highest. but that took away focus from the points side of things, which has lead to a lot of confusion and frustration. we’re now correcting that mistake and we will put much more energy into the points side of things moving forwardPacman

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