Papa Johns Enters Metaverse With Pizza NFTs

Papa Johns Enters Metaverse With Pizza NFTs

Papa Johns is partnering with OneRare to launch pizza-themed NFTs in the foodie metaverse, according to a report from Nation's Restaurant News

The Deets

  • Users collect digital ingredients to make virtual pizzas and earn rewards
  • NFTs available globally, with initial launch in the UAE
  • NFTs will be based on Polygon blockchain

The Details

Papa Johns will enter the metaverse through a partnership with OneRare, the gamified and self-proclaimed foodie metaverse. This collaboration marks OneRare's first partnership with a national chain. Users will be able to collect digital ingredients to create virtual versions of popular Papa Johns' pizzas, initially available in the Middle East, and earn rewards in the process. The launch of these pizza-themed NFTs will be in partnership with Papa Johns United Arab Emirates, but they will be available for players to collect globally.

OneRare community members will have the opportunity to create three popular Papa Johns pizzas - the Super Papas pizza, Spicy Chicken Ranch pizza, and vegan ‘Sheese’ Garden Special pizza. Multiple copies of each pizza will be available.

These NFTs will primarily be used in OneRare's gameplay, but holders will also become part of the community and receive future perks as the platform develops. OneRare founder Supreet Raju envisions a day when these NFTs can be swapped for real meals at restaurants.

Why It Matters

Papa Johns joins a growing list of "web2" brands that are exploring the metaverse and web3 crossovers. Although this is not the project's first foray into NFTs (as the initial report suggets) it is the first with a specific focus on loyalty and rewards for end users. Starbucks has burst onto the web3 scene with its Odyssey rewards program, perhaps creating a mold for other notable brands to follow. 

🎤 Founder Feedback

NFTs offer a fantastic feature of true ownership and allowing loyalty programs for holders of NFTs and we are working with our brand partners to bring these perksSupreet Raju

🎬 Take Action 

Papa Johns pizza NFTs are now minting in the OneRare kitchen. A user without OneRare ingredients will need to spend around 2,700 $ORARE to mint or approximately $108. 

📊 By the Numbers

Papa Johns first trip into web3 produced "hot bag" NFTs on the Tezos blockchain, backed by a small selection of physical hot bags that can still be found on Depop. The collection offered a free claim and now holds a 0.1 XTZ floor price on Objkt. The collection has garnered 254 XTZ in lifetime trading. 

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