PartyDAO Announces On-Chain Art Duel

PartyDAO Announces On-Chain Art Duel

PartyDAO is launching an on-chain art competition, splitting participants into two teams who will battle to produce the most popular NFT for a share of ETH. 

The Deets

  • Two parties: 'On-Chain' vs 'Onchain,' represent opposing sides in an intense debate
  • Parties compete to create the best artwork, which is minted as an open edition NFT on Zora
  • The winning party is determined by the number of mints, with a prize pool reward sourced from the ETH used in minting
  • Parties can continuously adapt their artwork throughout the 72-hour minting phase

The Bulk

PartyDAO takes the battle for the correct spelling of "on-chain" to the blockchain. This innovative competition harnesses the power of collective creativity, inviting 100 members to join each team and design an artwork representing their spelling preference.

These rival parties, 'On-Chain' and 'Onchain,' symbolize more than a typographical divergence. They represent a battle of philosophies, grammatical rigidity versus linguistic innovation. Team members collaborate in a token-gated Discord channel, strategizing and conceptualizing their art.

Upon creation, the artworks are minted as open edition NFTs on Zora. During a 72-hour minting window, participants can update their art dynamically, reacting to their competitor's moves and public response.

The winning team is determined by which NFT attracts the most mints. The resulting prize pool, fed by the ETH from every mint, is distributed to the victors, with a generous 20% donated to charity.

📊 By the Numbers

Two parties, 100 members each, with a 72-hour minting window, and all proceeds funneled into an ETH prize pool.

🔜 What's Next?

Both Parties are full at this time. Stay tuned for live updates as the contest unfolds, revealing the team that takes the trophy in this unique on-chain art showdown.

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