Phantom Introduces Sign In With Solana

Phantom Introduces Sign In With Solana

Phantom introduced a new feature for easier and faster user authentication that only requires a Solana address.

The Deets

  • New feature called Sign In With Solana (SIWS) launched.
  • One-click sign-in method enhances user experience.
  • Shifts message construction responsibility from apps to wallets.
  • Comes with full support for the Solana Wallet Standard.

The Bulk

Phantom is addressing the problematic state of user authentication by introducing a feature called Sign In With Solana (SIWS). This tool will allow apps to authenticate users quickly and securely using only a Solana address.

SIWS comes with a simplified one-click sign-in method, improving the overall experience for both users and developers. Instead of encountering jarring signature requests or confusing authentication flows, users can sign in smoothly with just a single click.

Additionally, this new method removes the burden of message construction from app developers, handing it over to Phantom's wallet. The standardized message construction creates a unified authentication process, eliminating the fragmentation that often causes a poor user experience.

SIWS is fully compliant with the Solana Wallet Standard, making it possible to be easily integrated into other wallets within the Solana ecosystem.

🎤 Founder Feedback

Sign In With Solana (SIWS) is a fast, easy, and secure solution to the problem of authenticating users with self-custody wallets.Phantom

🎬 Take Action

If you're a developer interested in integrating SIWS into your application, Phantom has made the feature ready for integration. 

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