Pick a Token, Any Token

Pick a Token, Any Token

NFTs on Uniswap can now be purchased with any ERC-20 token a user holds, according to an announcement from the platform

❗Why It Matters

Uniswap's latest innovation will add another layer of convenience for NFT trading on the platform, saving users a few steps (and dollars) by removing the need to swap a random ERC-20 into ETH or wETH to purchase an NFT. Now holders of $APE, $BLUR, or another ERC-20 can purchase NFTs with their holdings. 

The Deets

Uniswap's router will seamlessly swap the ERC-20 of your choosing for ETH, and then purchase the NFT with the ETH all in one. At present time the functionality only allows for one token at a time (i.e. only $BLUR, or only $APE). 

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Users can take advantage of the latest feature release by trading NFTs natively on Uniswap. 

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