Pixel Vault Rebrands MetaHeroes, Airdrops Story NFT

Pixel Vault Rebrands MetaHeroes, Airdrops Story NFT

Pixel Vault has "reimagined" its entire suite of NFTs and is airdropping a story NFT to holders of its MetaHero collection, now known as Inhabitants, according to a video posted Tuesday on the new Inhabitants Twitter account.

Holders of PUNKS Comic Issue No. 1 will also receive the airdrop — an NFT titled Inhabitants 0: The Pulse (Collector's Edition). Holders of Generative Identities and MintPass No. 1 can mint the story NFT's Main Edition for free. A snapshot of wallets was taken Oct. 24 at 11 a.m. ET.

Holders will notice the difference between the old MetaHeroes and the Inhabitants, which were drawn by a different artist, the MetaHeroes artist Chris Wahl said in a direct message Tuesday. Wahl, who is still with the company and will now be focusing on the PUNKS art said the change was "necessary for the direction we're going."

"We need to distinguish Metahero (Inhabitants) and PUNKS as being two separate PV projects and this is one of the ways to do that," Wahl said. "I'm excited to see this new chapter in the Inhabitants Universe."

A moderator in the Pixel Vault Discord said the holders will have the "option to switch between both art styles." A Medium article says the "classic artwork will remain tied to your digital tokens when the new Inhabitants artwork releases in 2023."

The classic MetaHero art.

The video also introduced robot characters called DOTs or designated observational travelers and promised: "robots, aliens, cyborgs, AIs, planet-wide battles, sinister organizations, scientific discoveries and...cats."

The Medium article said the DOTs are replacing the MetaHero Sidekicks.

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