Polygon Brings Back Polygon Village

Polygon Brings Back Polygon Village

Polygon Labs will relaunch Polygon Village with a 110 million MATIC grant to propel web3 innovation and support founders.

The Deets

  • Grant Program: Over 110 million in MATIC for web3 projects.
  • Comprehensive Support: Mentoring, resources, and ecosystem assistance.
  • Inclusive Growth: Open to all projects at any development stage.
  • Building Solutions: Addressing market needs with Village Build Ideas.

The Bulk

Polygon Village, an initiative aimed at bolstering the growth of web3 projects, has reignited its commitment to founders with a grant program boasting more than 110 million in MATIC. This initiative not only provides substantial financial backing but also pairs it with deep mentoring and ecosystem support, illustrating Polygon's dedication to fostering a nurturing environment for innovation.

By offering milestone-based grants and additional one-on-one support through the Village Build Ideas and the Village Startup Support programs, Polygon Village is tackling one of the fundamental challenges startups face: aligning products with market needs. Furthermore, the introduction of Quadratic Funding by partnering with Gitcoin and Giveth for grant rounds democratizes the allocation process, ensuring that the community's collective preferences are reflected in resource distribution.

🎬 Take Action

Polygon Village invites founders to apply for grants, explore a catalog of use cases, and leverage mentorship opportunities. 

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