Polygon ID Goes Open Source

Polygon ID Goes Open Source

Polygon has released an open-source version of its Polygon ID system to enhance the security and integrity of decentralized applications on its network, according to a blog post from the blockchain

The Deets

Polygon ID is an identity verification service that allows users to verify themselves with multiple identity providers and obtain a trusted digital identity on the Polygon blockchain. Additional details from the announcement below:

  • The open-source version will enable developers to build their own identity verification solutions and integrate them with Polygon's network.

❗Why It Matters

The release of the open-source version of Polygon ID is significant for the growth of the NFT and web3 space, as it enhances digital trust and security, thus reducing the risk of fraud and hacking - two notable barriers to adoption for the general public. 

What It Means

While complex technically and in name, a decentralized identity solution might make it possible for users to reduce the amount of data shared in KYC practices, verify identiy in DAO participation in a trustless manner, and more. Explore some other solutions from Polygon here

🎬 Take Action

Developers can now utilize the open-source version of Polygon ID to build their own identity verification solutions. Polygon suggests starting with the developer tutorial. 

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