RARI Foundation Launches "RARI Chain" Testnet on Arbitrum

RARI Foundation Launches "RARI Chain" Testnet on Arbitrum

RARI Foundation, a non-profit acting on behalf of RARI (Rarible) DAO, unveiled "RARI Chain," an EVM equivalent blockchain embedding royalties at the node level, powered by Arbitrum. 

The Deets

  • Innovative Blockchain: EVM equivalent chain with embedded royalties at the node level
  • Collaborative Effort: Powered by Arbitrum, in close collaboration with RARI DAO
  • Creator-Centric Network: Focused on creators, collectors, and builders in NFTs
  • Rarible Integration: Native NFT marketplace Rarible to adopt RARI Chain

The Bulk

RARI Foundation announced the testnet launch of "RARI Chain." This technology, built on Arbitrum, aims to transform the NFT ecosystem by embedding royalties directly at the node level.

The RARI Foundation works in tandem with the RARI DAO, which governs the Rarible Protocol. This new initiative is positioned as an EVM equivalent chain, ensuring high-speed transactions, low costs, and a user-friendly environment for developers, creators, and collectors alike.

RARI Chain's most notable feature is its royalty enforcement mechanism, which ensures creators receive due compensation for their work, addressing a significant challenge in the current NFT landscape. Additionally, the chain leverages Ethereum's security, allowing for easy deployment of decentralized applications (dApps).

❗Why It Matters

RARI Chain represents a new creative solution to the royalty issue that has plagued web3 for the last few years. While creators and avid supporters yearn for royalty enforcement, those offering the most market making liquidity have little to no incentive to respect them...leading the trend to zero for most artists and NFT collections. 

🎤 Founder Feedback

Creators have been the driving force behind NFT expansion. RARI Chain's royalty enforcement empowers them, shaping the future of web3.Jana Bertram, Head of Strategy, RARI Foundation

🔜 What's Next?

Rarible, the turnkey NFT marketplace, is set to be a core adopter of RARI Chain. The marketplace recently spoke out in favor of royalties and creators

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