Red Bull Launches Digital Doodle Art Collection

Red Bull Launches Digital Doodle Art Collection
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Red Bull, in collaboration with Nifty Gateway and Burnt Toast, launches its first-ever digital Doodle Art collection, available for a 30-hour window.

The Deets

• Artworks are available on Nifty Gateway
• Collection includes 61 unique pieces from Doodle Art finalists ($5.00 Each)
• Holders of the winning artwork will receive a colorful surprise
• All proceeds directly support the artists

The Bulk

Red Bull, the energy drink company known for its extensive involvement in various sports and cultural events, has entered the world of NFT art. They have joined forces with Nifty Gateway and Burnt Toast, a respected artist in the space, to release their inaugural digital Doodle Art collection.

The collection comprises 61 unique pieces, each an individual artwork from a Doodle Art finalist. The art will be available for a 30-hour window.

A feature of this collection is the "colorful surprise" that awaits holders of the winning artwork. While the details of this surprise are still under wraps, it adds a layer of intrigue to the collection.

If you purchase 61 editions during the primary sale, you are guaranteed to receive the full set of 61 unique designs, including the winning design colored by Burnt Toast.

🎬 Take Action

You have until May 27 at 2pm ET to purchase Red Bull Doodle Art on Nifty Gateway.


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