REPUBLIK Raises $6M in Funding

REPUBLIK Raises $6M in Funding

REPUBLIK finalized a $6 million seed funding round to develop web3 creator tools. 

The Deets

  • Fund Amount: $6 Million Seed round successfully closed
  • Platform Goal: Develop advanced web3 creator tools using the raised capital
  • Platform Status: Currently in beta across web app, iOS, and Android
  • Monetization System: Web3 technologies for simplified monetization, lower costs, and token-based rewards

The Bulk

Singapore-based REPUBLIK closed a $6 million seed funding round. This round saw the participation of several investors, including the likes of OKX Ventures, Enjin, and FBG Capital. 

The funds obtained will play a crucial role in facilitating the expansion and development of REPUBLIK's platform, especially in the creation of cutting-edge, web3 creator tools on the blockchain. The platform promises to offer creators new avenues to interact and gain rewards for their contributions.

REPUBLIK claims its differentiation is in monetization options. Unlike traditional platforms where monetization options are scattered and come with excessive fees, REPUBLIK leverages blockchain to simplify the entire procedure. This not only ensures creators retain a larger portion of their earnings but also paves the way for a token-based reward system, incentivizing various forms of interaction on the platform. Its unique system, involving XP and RPK tokens, seeks to quantify and reward the value brought by each user.

🎤 Founder Feedback

For too long people have given their time, attention and creativity to existing platforms for almost nothing in return. REPUBLIK is going to change that by ensuring that the value of the community is fairly distributed. We're excited to have investors who share in our vision and partners that are helping us build a true community-owned platform.Daniel He, REPUBLIK's CEO

🔜 What's Next?

With the funding in place and a clear vision, REPUBLIK aims to further develop its platform and reach out to a wider audience of creators and users. Interested parties can explore the REPUBLIK App available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and their web platform.

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