Ripcache Announces Revolutionary Fusion of Physical, Digital Art

Ripcache Announces Revolutionary Fusion of Physical, Digital Art

Public // Private is a new, groundbreaking artwork from notable artist ripcache, which intertwines the physical and digital realms via a screen print on metal and an on-chain Ethereum artwork.

The Deets

  • Physical Artwork: 2x2ft black and white screen print on a metal panel 
  • Digital Artwork: Fully on-chain artwork stored on the Ethereum blockchain 
  • Acquisition: Initially, owning the digital piece is exclusively tied to the purchase of the physical artwork
  • Separation: Scratching the physical artwork to reveal the Ethereum private key permanently disconnects the physical and digital pieces

The Bulk

Public // Private, an ambitious project by anonymous artist, ripcache, tackles themes of permanence, surveillance, and data privacy through an innovative fusion of physical and digital artwork.

The physical component of the artwork is a 2x2ft black and white screen print on a metal panel.

Simultaneously, the digital artwork lives on the Ethereum blockchain. This fully on-chain artwork, fragmented and deployed as raw bytes using a method created by 0xsequence, is an example of the artist's commitment to blockchain technology as a medium.

Interestingly, the acquisition of the digital artwork is tied initially to the purchase of the physical artwork. This arrangement maintains the interconnectedness of the two components. Yet, the collector has a choice to make: to access the digital artwork, they must scratch away the physical piece in the area that holds the Ethereum private key. This action separates the physical from the digital in an irreversible manner.

❗Why It Matters

Public // Private, is an interesting exploration of the intersection between physical and digital art. Typically, artists utilizing both mediums in web3 have opted for a "digital first" rendition...ripcache flips that script on its head, requiring the user to purchase the physical to gain access to the digital. 

🧐 Wait, What?

Public // Private is an art piece that comes in two forms: a physical metal screen print and a digital artwork stored on the blockchain. Buying the physical piece gives you access to the digital one, but to get it, you'll need to scratch off part of the physical artwork, making each form independent of the other.

🎬 Take Action

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