Ronin Network Staking Live

Ronin Network Staking Live
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Ronin Network's $RON token can now be staked with rewards beginning Apr. 12, according to an announcement from the network

The Deets:

  • RON staking is live, enabling RON token holders to stake and secure the network.
  • Ronin rewards will begin flowing on Apr. 12. 
  • First game studio partners for Ronin announced, signaling Ronin as a launchpad for web3 gaming.

The Details

RON staking empowers RON token holders to take an active role in supporting the Ronin network while earning rewards for doing so. Delegating tokens to any of the 22 validators based on their contributions, uptime, and commission rate will allow users to earn RON. Validators have until Apr. 12 to set up their nodes.

The first game studio partners building on Ronin have also been announced, marking a major step towards making Ronin the go-to launchpad for compelling web3 games. Directive Games, a studio founded by gaming industry veterans, is building a cross-platform team-based shooter called The Machines Arena on Ronin among others. 

The Ronin team is calling on the community to help spread the announcement beyond their existing network by sharing the news with friends, family, and followers on social media platforms like Twitter.

Why It Matters

This development is significant for the broader crypto and NFT ecosystems because it demonstrates the growing adoption of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. The launch of RON staking and the announcement of game studios building on Ronin signal that the platform aims to become a major player in web3 gaming, beyond Axie Infinity. 

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