Roope Rainisto Announces Next Project

Roope Rainisto Announces Next Project

Roope Rainisto announced his next project, SMILE, a 5,000 piece PFP collection dropping on Solana on January 30. 

The Deets

  • Collection Name: SMILE, featuring 5000 1/1 AI art pieces
  • Minting Date: January 30
  • Price: 0.2 SOL per piece

The Bulk

Roope Rainisto, famous for his collection "Life in West America," is coming to the Solana blockchain with SMILE, an unconventional AI-generated PFP project.

The collection, comprising 5000 unique pieces, is the result of an extensive curation process involving over 100,000 initial AI-generated artworks. Created using a state-of-the-art SD model trained in 2022, SMILE is a deep exploration of the concept of a smile, from its evolutionary origins to its modern-day significance.

The collection will first be available to collectors of other Roope Rainisto NFTs. 

🎤 Founder Feedback 

Through SMILE I wanted to create a time capsule of AI art, essentially, into this era of restless perturbance, recording it all into posterity through a cohesive collection. Does the smile remain human and recognizable? source=Roope Rainisto"}

🎬 Take Action

Collectors can prepare to add SMILE to their collection on January 30 and refer to for more. 

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