SEGA Backs Off from Web3 Gaming

SEGA Backs Off from Web3 Gaming

SEGA, the iconic gaming company behind Sonic The Hedgehog, is suspending its blockchain gaming operations, according to a report from Bloomberg

The Deets

  • Withholding major franchises from third-party blockchain projects
  • Halting development of in-house blockchain games
  • Lesser-known franchises will still be available for NFT projects
  • Skepticism about employing Web 3.0 technology in upcoming game lineup

The Bulk

Once a proponent of blockchain gaming, SEGA is now retreating from the field in the wake of a global crypto industry collapse. The company will be withholding its popular franchises like Sonic The Hedgehog from third-party blockchain gaming projects in a bid to protect their value. They are also shelving plans to develop their blockchain games internally for the time being.

Co-Chief Operating Officer Shuji Utsumi, who had a significant role in the PlayStation's launch at Sony Group Corp., expressed SEGA's cautious approach to Bloomberg. The shift in perspective is especially noteworthy, considering SEGA, along with other industry competitors such as Square Enix Holdings Co. and Bandai Namco Holdings Inc., previously advocated the use of blockchain technology to enhance their games' appeal.

However, SEGA is not completely severing its ties with blockchain and NFTs. The company still plans to allow its lesser-known franchises, like Three Kingdoms and Virtua Fighter, to be used in NFT projects.

Despite these adjustments, Utsumi remains ambiguous about the application of blockchain in SEGA's "super game" initiative – a collection of large-scale online multiplayer games scheduled for release from 2026.

🎤 Founder Feedback

The action in play-to-earn games is boring...What's the point if games are no fun?Shuji Utsumi, Co-Chief Operating Officer at SEGA to Bloomberg

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