SlimeSunday Wants to Purge the Bad From Web3

SlimeSunday Wants to Purge the Bad From Web3

SlimeSunday announced "The Great Purge" an attempt to revive the genuine spirit of NFTs by letting holders burn worthless tokens in exchange for a piece of their art that champions quality and authenticity.

The Deets

  • "The Great Purge" introduced by notable web3 artist, SlimeSunday
  • Encourages the burning of scam or failed project NFTs.
  • Participants receive a genuine NFT representing quality and originality.
  • Mint Details: Aug. 21 on Base

The Bulk

Gone are the days when NFTs symbolized pure artistic expression and community. Instead, they morphed into volatile commodities, with many focusing on quick profits, sometimes at the expense of genuine artists, says notable web3 artist SlimeSunday. 

That's why the artist is working on "The Great Purge," a unique solution that offers web3 participants the opportunity to burn unwanted or misrepresented NFTs for a piece of SlimeSunday art.

By burning NFTs that have lost their value or represent deception, holders can be a part of symbolic cleansing. In return, they receive a new NFT that epitomizes the commitment to the original spirit of the NFT space: quality, authenticity, and innovation.

ğŸŽ¤ Community Quotes

I've been in the NFT space since 2020, and it's disheartening to see scams overshadow genuine artistry. The Great Purge is a refreshing reminder of what NFTs originally stood for.SlimeSunday

🔜 What's Next?

More information on the number of NFTs needed to burn and links to do so is expected shortly. 

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