Snowfro Dropping Edition on Prohibition

Snowfro Dropping Edition on Prohibition

Snowfro will launch a new generative edition - "Heart + Craft" - in collaboration with Jordan Lyall on Prohibition.Art. 

The Deets

  • Expressive Artwork: The project showcases an ever-evolving heart design, emphasizing gradients and an array of colorful combinations.
  • Digital and Physical: Every digital NFT piece comes with instructions for creating a physical representation.
  • Date and Price: Project will launch on Aug. 24 and is priced at 0.01 ETH
  • Mission: Promote tangible art experiences while ensuring a digital presence.

The Bulk

Heart + Craft is an artwork stemming from a passion that began in 2014, representing both the artistic flair of the creator and their perspective on the value of NFTs, said Art Blocks Founder, Snowfro. 

Every digital NFT of Heart + Craft is twinned with a physical counterpart. Owners receive a detailed guide to producing a tangible version of the art. 

By providing a tactile experience, like constructing a puzzle, Snowfro hopes to spread positivity and divert users from the engulfing digital realm momentarily. The project further explores distribution channels for digital pieces, envisioning kits that bundle cubes, paints, and other essentials to bring the artwork to life.

The project will offer a low-cost entry into the world of NFTs and artwork from a renowned artist. The collection will mint on Prohibition.Art, a new generative platform on Arbitrum. It will launch on Aug. 24 and be priced at 0.01 ETH per piece. No links have been provided yet. 

🎤Community Quotes

With this project I’m particularly excited about a lot of things including offering a low cost and disarming entry point for new consumers into our space through a project that can be enjoyed as a family, or be gifted to tech/art curious friends, clients, and coworkers.Snowfro

🔜What's Next?

The launch is officially scheduled for August 24 on Prohibition.Art. 

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