Solana Mobile Announces Chapter 2

Solana Mobile Announces Chapter 2

Solana Mobile's Saga revolutionized web3 phone experiences with its rapid sell-out and now the company is taking on a second chapter with a cheaper device now available for pre-order. 

The Deets

  • Major Milestone: 20,000 Sagas in community hands, paralleling major NFT projects in size.
  • Affordable Web3 Access: $450 deposit for preorder, aiming to cover the full price of Chapter 2.
  • Referral Rewards: A new referral system enhances community engagement and offers rewards.
  • Future Promises: Commitment to pushing the boundaries of mobile technology.

The Bulk

The launch of "Chapter 2" signals not just a new product, but an attempt to make web3 technology more accessible and affordable for a new swath of users. The initial "Founder Window," which is open for a limited time, requires a non-refundable $450 deposit that the team hopes will cover the full cost of the device. 

Production of the Sagas is only expected to take place and ship in 2025 if 100,000 units are purchased. 

The introduction of a referral system with the Chapter 2 launch allows community members to share referral links, climbing up the leaderboard and unlocking rewards and giveaways from ecosystem partners like Mad Lads and Tensor. 

Perhaps most importantly, indications from the FAQs about the Chapter 2 release indicate that the next phone is unlikely to come with the Saga Genesis Token, the soulbound NFT that came with the original Saga phone. This token has been key to unlocking airdrops and additional rewards for phone holders. 

🎤 Community Quotes

Having 20,000 Sagas in the community's hands is a crucial milestone. We now have a community as sizable as some of the largest NFT projects, offering a fertile ground for developers to build and experiment with mobile. But it's time to aim much higher.Solana Mobile

🎬 Take Action

Interested in joining the next phase of Solana Mobile's innovation? You can preorder Chapter 2 now at

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